Prevent T-Rex arms with this quick forearms exercise

Restricted forearms aka T-Rex arms (as I refer to them) are basically the shortening/tightening of the muscles in your forearms preventing both your forearms and wrists from comfortable laying flat (try it). If left unstretched, it will present as soreness, pins and needles or acute pain that can be felt in the hands, wrists, arms and into the shoulders. Commonly caused by repetitive overuse from poor ergonomic setup, phone use, not recovering from the gym to name a few. Whether we like it or not we are constantly using are forearms.
A simple and effective way to stretch your arms is by finger flicking (yes! you read that right – like flicking water off your hands). Here is a quick demonstration.

Hold your arms in front of you, flick your fingers while slowly raising your arms upwards and around in a wide arm circle; do a set regularly during day. You will know if it’s working if you feel the tendons and muscles in your forearms flicking and loosening up.

A daily routine will go a long way in correcting and preventing forearm overuse and injury.

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