man exercising using large roller

Are you foam rolling?

You may have been prescribed the use of a foam roller by your physical therapist or personal trainer or you’ve decided to get one because everyone you know is using them, but what exactly does it do?
Simply put, it is a tool you can use for self massage and stretching purposes with the added benefit of allowing you to apply as much or as little pressure as you feel like.

It works in a very similar fashion to rolling a piece of dough out with a rolling pin in that you physically apply pressure using your own body weight on an area of the body and then proceed to ‘roll out’ tight bands, knots and scar tissue buildup within a muscle or connective tissue adhesions around the spinal joints. This allows more blood flow into the area being rolled to promote quicker recovery and with regular use it is guaranteed to give you better flexibility and more supple muscles.

So next time you’re sitting in front of the TV, go ahead and give the foam roller a go instead. It’s a great proactive approach in getting you towards your health and fitness goals.